OVUL HEALTH FAQ 

Can I use the pearl if I have a IUD? 

Due to the strength of the herbs there is a small chance that your IUD might come out during the expelling part of the detox.  

Can I use this if I am pregnant? 

No, we advise our customers not to do the detox while pregnant or breast-feeding because the herbs are very strong. 

What is the white stuff that I see? 

During your detox, the toxins and dead tissues will come out. Please do not attempt to pull it out. It will come out on its own. You may experience dryness as well. You can use coconut oil on the dry area. 

How many times per month should I detox? 

Do no more than 2 detox for the month one at the beginning of the month the other at the end of the month.  

My pearl came out with nothing on it, is that normal? 

Yes, it’s normal, allow up to 3 days after removing the pearl for the tissue and toxins to expel from your body. 

Can I use the pearl and steam at the same time? 

No, you cannot use both. Choose the one you want to use first. 

I feel itchy what should I do? 

If you experience itching this is normal during the detox process, use a dead sea salt bath or an Epsom salt bath soak. 

I am experiencing mild cramping is this normal? 

Yes, this is normal especially for women that experience PCOS, endometriosis and ovarian cyst. 

Can I steam if I am pregnant?

No you cannot steam while you are pregnant, but after you give birth that is a great time to steam because it speeds up the healing process.

Is this product FDA approved?

No its not.